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Why choose ARC Health & Wellness?

ARC is a premier provider of health and wellness testing:

ARC Health and Wellness Company

ARC is a leading provider of health and fitness evaluations and medical testing to public service agencies, municipalities, government agencies, the mining industry and other companies. In fact, ARC has an exclusive contract with the State of Nevada and all of its agencies to provide annual heart and lung physicals in accordance with NRS 617. Learn More About ARC’s Clients

ARC’s experienced clinical and management team:

ARC’s dedicated clinical and management team has a depth of expertise which only comes from having extensive working experience in the industry they serve. Our Occupational Health team of experts can help you stay in compliance with NAFP, IAFF, IAFC, MSHA, OSHA, DOT, NRS 617. Learn More about ARC’s Clinical Team and Management Team.

ARC’s unique delivery solutions:

ARC offers a variety of unique delivery solutions for each client and all programs are customized based on the individual client’s goals, objectives and budgetary needs. ARC’s unique delivery options include:

  1. Mobile Services where we come to your facility – Learn More About ARC’s Mobile Services
  2. Setting up and managing your own in-house clinic if cost effective – Learn More About Creating Your Own Clinic
  3. Utilize one of the ARC Health & Wellness Centers – Learn More About ARC’s Locations.

ARC Health & Wellness– Providing Accessible, Reliable Care at an Affordable Cost