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ARC is the leading provider of heart and lung physicals in the State of Nevada.  In addition to exclusively conducting the heart and lung physicals for all agencies and departments of the State of Nevada,  ARC serves numerous municipalities and government agencies throughout the State including the City of Reno, City of Sparks, Carson City, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, and numerous counties in rural Nevada.

ARC’s number one priority is customer service and subsequently it conducts Patient Satisfaction Surveys after every physical.  Over 97% of all participants have ranked ARC’s services as Good to Excellent!

In addition, ARC also serves over 2,000 clients at its’ Urgent Care/Occupational Medicine Center located at 2205 Glendale Avenue in Sparks, NV.


Client Testimonials:

Quote from Chief Hernandez, Fire Chief
Fire Department in Reno, Nevada

“The Reno Fire Department has had an excellent relationship with ARC Health and Wellness. They have provided our annual heart and lung exams for several years, given the high number of exams being performed each year, they have continued to emphasize quality control in these exams with a commitment to our firefighters health and comfort. A key aspect is ARC’s ability to meet these exams quickly and efficiently minimizing employee down time. I would recommend ARC to any entity considering a robust medical monitoring system for their organization.”

Quote from Chief Steve Keefer, Chief of Police
Police Department in Sparks, Nevada

“The Sparks Police Department has an outstanding relationship with ARC Health and Wellness. Their Doctors and Staff have provided outstanding customer service while administering our annual heart and lung exams for the past four years.”

Quote from Gerald Antinoro, Sheriff
Sheriff’s Department in Storey County, Nevada

“The Storey County Sheriff’s Department has an outstanding relationship with ARC Health and Wellness. Their ability to provide medical testing to our personnel right at our station has allowed us to keep more personnel available and saved money at the same time.”

Quote from Joseph Chronister, Chief of Police 
Police Department in North Las Vegas, Nevada

“The North Las Vegas Police Department is pleased to partner with ARC in providing annual physicals for our officers. The service that they provide is second to none. Their willingness to work with our staff in the development of the physical process and examination facility has been instrumental in the savings of personnel costs. I would recommend to anyone needing this service to give ARC an opportunity to be their provider.”

Quote from Michael Brown, Fire Chief

North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District, Incline Village, Nevada

“The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District has enjoyed an oustanding relationship with ARC Health & Wellness.  Their commitment to our organization to provide the very best in quality medical services and customer service has been appreciated.  Their unique ability to come right to us with their mobile exam vehicle has allowed us to save money for our district and provided a greater response and coverage capability during annual heart and lung exams then we had previously seen.”